Emporia: The Disc Golf Vacation Destination

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Emporia is a big deal on the disc golf scene. We have some of the best courses and tournaments in the country, and people are starting to take notice. Jeremy Rusco of Dynamic Discs shared an article with us about a couple who came from Illinois to play disc golf in Emporia:

Die-hard disc golf fans have probably scouted out courses near their annual family reunion, or maybe you’ve intentionally taken a long weekend to go play a new course a few hours from your home. But have any of you ever taken a vacation to a destination over 600 miles away just to play disc golf?

Jeremy Rusco recently met a fun couple, David and Christina, at the weekly Dynamic Discs bag tag match, and learned that they had traveled from Illinois just to check out the golf in Emporia. Our Midwest hub of disc golf is far more popular than many people might realize, as David and Christina told us a little bit about their visit and the courses they played.

Why Vacation In Emporia?

As long-time DD fans, David and Christina spent Memorial Day weekend in St. Louis and just couldn’t help but travel a little further to Emporia to see what the disc golf scene was like. They spent a handful of days playing the local courses, arranged to get a tour of the DD warehouse, and even checked out some of the other attractions the town has to offer.

Their initial thoughts? “[It’s] unlike any other place – you can tell disc golf is completely ingrained into the community. They’re so welcoming to people coming to town and playing the courses and hanging out,” shared David. We’ve always heard from GBO participants about a similar type of experience, but knowing that out-of-towners have this same observation during any time of the year is a testament to how much Emporians really love our disc golfers.

Courses And Attractions

Not wanting to waste a moment of their visit, both David and Christina hit up the courses that we locals all know and love, including Peter Pan, Country Club, Jones East and West, Olpe Lake, Hammond, and a few others. A little intimidated by long holes and challenging layouts, Christina said their first visit to Peter Pan had an unexpected surprise…

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