The Flint Hills

Voted one of the Eight Wonders of Kansas, the Flint Hills are a special, magical place. Located west of Emporia, and extending north and south for several hundred miles, the Flint Hills are one of the last remaining tallgrass prairie eco-systems in the world.

Over 250 million years ago, the Flint Hills of Kansas was a vast inland sea that deposited great layers of limestone, shale, and flint. The Flints Hills were created as softer shales eroded away, leaving behind hardened flint shelves, in a process called differential erosion.

With more than 40 grass species, some of which grow taller than your upstretched arms, and hundreds of wildflowers species, the Tallgrass prairie ecosystem in the Flint Hills of eastern Kansas is a sight to behold.

Of the 140 million acres of tallgrass prairie grasslands that once existed in North America, less than four percent remains today. Complimenting the beauty of the grasses and wildflowers, you will find 150 bird species, 30 kinds of reptiles and amphibians, 31 mammal species, and some 10 million insects per acre.

Things to Do in the Flint Hills

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