Emporia, Kansas is home to an avid cycling community and is known as the Gravel Grinding Capital of the World. The surrounding Flint Hills offer some of the best and most challenging gravel cycling opportunities in the nation. We’re nicknamed Gravel City for a reason! Emporia is host to UNBOUND Gravel, known as the “World’s Premier Gravel Grinder” each year on the Saturday after Memorial Day. More than 2,000 riders come from all over the United States and close to thirty foreign countries to race through the beautiful Flint Hills.

Ride the Flint Hills

Whether you’re training for a gravel cycling competition like UNBOUND Gravel, Flint Hills gravel Ride, La Grind, or any of the numerous events available, or you want to take a leisure ride and just enjoy the outdoors, the beautiful Flint Hills of Kansas is the place to be. While traveling through the Flint Hills you can enjoy 40 grass species, native stone fences, hundreds of wildflowers, 150 species of birds, barns, bridges, historic towns, breathtaking views, and quiet serenity.

Because the Flint Hills is the rarest of North American ecosystems, we respectfully ask that you:

  • Keep the roads clean – thank you for not littering
  • Be careful with matches and cigarettes
  • Take photos of wildflowers and leave blooms for all to enjoy
  • Most of the land is privately owned, so be respectful and stay on public roads. Please don’t climb fences or open gates.


Where to RideBike Shops & Outfitters

 Iconic Cycling Routes

716 Commercial Street, Emporia, KS, USA | (620) 208-7680 | Website

If you’re looking for cycling routes through the Flint Hills, Gravel City Adventure & Supply has scouted, mapped, and rated the best! Routes are sorted by difficulty level, from beginner… Read more

Camp Alexander

1783 Rd P5, Emporia, KS 66801 | 620-342-1386 | Website

Located in Lyon County Kansas, east of Emporia, Camp Alexander provides 90 acres of stunning outdoor adventure filled with plush woods, ponds and rolling meadows. Whether you are looking for… Read more

Community Group Rides

Whether you’re a seasoned competition rider, an “adventure and have fun with your friends” rider or you really want to get started riding, Emporia is the place to be! We… Read more

ESU Campus Bike Trails

201 E 18th Ave, Emporia, KS 66801 | Website

Located just north of the Emporia State University recreation center, this trail has some challenging turns, climbs, and terrain changes. You will ride up, over, and around logs, camel backs, and slabs… Read more

Eclectic Bikes

823 Commercial Street, Emporia, KS 66801 | 620-208-6200 | Website

Eclectic Bikes is a specialty retail bicycle shop featuring unique bicycles, some from past eras, some collectibles, all functional and fun to ride. Rentals are available as well as service… Read more

Gravel City Adventure and Supply Co

716 Commercial St, Emporia, KS 66801 | 620-208-7680 | Website

Gravel City Adventure & Supply Co. is an Emporia-grown company providing equipment and supplies to the cycling and outdoor adventure communities. Gravel City Adventure & Supply Co. aims to “Build… Read more

High Gear Cyclery

520 Commercial St, Emporia, KS 66801 | 620-342-4977 | Website

High Gear Cyclery is an Emporia-grown business owned by Matt and Stephanie Brown. Since 1999, High Gear’s mission is to offer small town service while featuring big city selection. What… Read more