Treasure Emporia and the Flint Hills

About the Pledge

Emporia is renowned for its welcoming community, world class events, and access to the unparalleled Flint Hills. This area is rooted in cultural diversity, and we are proud to share with others the many reasons we love to call this place home. We certainly hope you will be good stewards of our community and environment during your time here with us. Please join us in taking the Visit Emporia pledge to show your commitment to having a wonderful experience in Emporia. When you complete the pledge, you’ll receive a sharable digital badge.

Stay golden

Leave no trace

Respect the land and its people

About Our Region

Please join us in taking the Emporia Pledge to care for this special part of Kansas.

Unlike towering mountains, the Flint Hills do not startle the senses with Nature's grandeur. Rather, they inspire a contemplative awe of Nature's quiet goodness, not its harsh spectacle. Their tabled tops and terraced slopes impart to the viewer a restful calm, a serenity that not everyone can appreciate. But those who have eyes to see, experience an almost visceral joy in the quiet majesty of the Flint Hills.

– Author Jim Hoy

Above & Beyond


You can help protect and treasure the Flint Hills by donating to the Emporia Chamber Foundation. These funds will be used for environmental cleanup initatives as well as cultural preservation and promotion.


Volunteers are needed in order to ensure our natural spaces remain unspoiled. If you are interested in helping with clean-ups and other activities, please contact us.