Traveling Tips for Introverts

Posted on Aug 22, 2017

CVB Staff
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As an introvert, the idea of traveling can be an instant source of stress. Frequent excursions and immersion in crowds are not always pleasurable experiences for introverted people, to say the least. However, introverts stand to gain a lot from the experience of traveling, as they are inherently curious and thoughtful people, allowing them to understand new places with deeper meaning. The following tips will help create a relaxing and low-stress environment for the traveling introvert.

  • Select a destination that is right for you. There are numerous major cities and popular tourist attractions to visit around the world, but these places are probably not ideal for the introvert. Do some research and find a destination that is less packed to reduce your exposure to crowds. Consider getting in touch with nature. We highly recommend the Kansas Flint Hills as a quiet escape, with plenty of fun things and restaurants in nearby Emporia.
  • Choose your companion wisely. Traveling in groups can add excess pressure to the traveling introvert, so choose a companion that knows you well and will respect your need for downtime. An extroverted companion can help pick up the slack in social situations and give you some fun energy to feed off of. Alternatively, opting to travel solo will provide you complete freedom to explore when and how you want to.
  • Consider your accommodations. While a bed and breakfast or smaller rental can provide the opportunity to chat with other travelers and locals, the more intimate setting may cause the introvert unnecessary stress. After all, introverts are often drained of energy just trying to engage in small talk. Consider a private rental such as an AirBnB or a larger hotel. Remember: this is your home away from home, so choose a place where you will feel comfortable.
  • Plan ahead … loosely. Before you go, check out the area you will be staying. Find a few places that you simply must see, but leave plenty of time open in your schedule so you can explore based on how you feel. This type of loose planning will ensure that you get the most out of your trip without too much pressure. Additionally, make sure to schedule some alone time in your days; this is a necessary activity for the introvert to recharge.
  • Pack your headphones, your favorite book, and a journal. Introverted people typically enjoy solo activities like listening to music, reading, and writing. Be prepared for these desired moments of solitude with all the necessary supplies. Use your headphones to cancel out the hustle and bustle around you, read your favorite book when you need to escape, and check in with yourself regularly throughout the trip by recording your thoughts and observations in a private journal. These activities will help keep the introvert grounded, contributing to a better travel experience.
  • Listen to your body. Don’t let the fear of missing out force you into activities you would rather not do. If you feel like staying in one day, then do just that. On the other hand, you may want to step aside and observe others as they interact, which can be a rewarding and eye-opening experience in itself. Remind yourself that it is perfectly OK to step away from the group and tend to your introverted needs. After all, you are not going to gain anything but stress by making yourself uncomfortable.

While traveling as an introvert may require more careful planning, it still has the potential to be a wildly fulfilling experience. Use these tips when planning your next trip, and consider off-the-beaten path locations like Emporia, Kansas for a quieter escape.

CVB Staff
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