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Halloween is nearly upon us. To help you get in the mood for tricks and treats, we found a few videos of Emporia’s spookiest places. A few years ago, a local team of young men founded a paranormal research group called Men of Mystery to investigate supposed hauntings of some of Emporia’s oldest sites. The group has since disbanded, but their video investigations are certainly interesting. Do these places in Emporia still harbor spirits of days gone by? You be the judge.

The Emporia Granada Theatre

According to local legend, this 1929 theater is most definitely haunted, but it seems to be a practical joker type spirit. Former staff who’ve been in the building alone have said that lights will come on or doors will mysteriously open and close.


The William Allen White House

The William Allen White House (also known as Red Rocks) was home to famed author and editor William Allen White, his family, and their dog Teddy in the early 1900s. White’s daughter, Mary, was tragically killed in a horseback riding accident at age 16 in 1921.


The Emporia Gazette

Built in 1900, this building is home to The Emporia Gazette newspaper. The Gazette was once owned by William Allen White. Today, over a century later, the paper is still owned by members of the White family. Some have reported odd experiences in the building, including footsteps late at night in the loading dock area.


Want to see more?

Although they have moved on to other things, the Men of Mystery facebook page is still available here with all of their archived videos. Also check out our calendar for upcoming Halloween activities, including the popular historic Haunted Tours downtown.  Happy Halloween!


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