Chase State Fishing Lake

Chase State Fishing Lake and Wildlife Area is located 1.5 miles west of Cottonwood Falls in the center of the scenic Flint Hills region of Kansas. The 109 acre lake was constructed in 1954. The lake and surrounding 383 acre wildlife area are managed by the Kansas Department of Wildlife & Parks.


A boat launching facility is located in the main use area. Boating on Chase State Fishing Lake is allowed for fishing only. Shore anglers will find several fishing piers that provide access to deep water. A pit toilet, firerings/grills, picnic tables and shelter house are available for campers, picnickers and anglers who wish to stay overnight. A swimming beach is also available for visitors.


The lake has a steep to shallow rocky shoreline and shallow mudflats on the upper end. Water clarity is usually very good. Fair to excellent populations of channel, catfish, crappie, bluegill, saugeye, white bass, largemouth bass and flathead catfish are found in the lake. Several rocky islands and brush piles provide a variety of habitats where the angler may locate fish.


Chase State Fishing Lake Wildlife Area consists of 383 acres of mostly native grass prairie. The camping area takes in approximately 23 acres with the remaining 360 acres open to hunting. All the wildlife area is open year-round for hiking, bird watching and other such non-hunting activities. A variety of wildflowers are abundant throughout the area.


Chase State Fishing Lake supports populations of quail, rabbits, squirrel and deer; however, these populations are generally low. For this reason, the wildlife area receives very little hunting pressure. Cottontail rabbit are the most abundant game species. The area below the dam is the most productive rabbit cover.

Regulations for hunting the wildlife area are the same as for private land. Hunting is not permitted within the safety zone that encompasses the camping area.