Perfect Day in Emporia – Kelly Mayer

Posted on May 6, 2021


It’s easy to have a perfect day in Emporia because there are so many fun things to do and unique places to eat. One of my favorite things to do is ride my bike through the Flint Hills. Before I do that I want to fuel up with a hearty breakfast at Do-B’s. Do-B’s makes the best Gorilla’d cheese sandwich ever. I’m talking actual pure grilled cheese, no additives like meat, tomatoes or other contraband. Just great bread, quality cheese and real butter. But, we’re talking breakfast right now, so I’m going to carb load on the French Toasty or Wake N Cake. I’ll save the Garbage Plate for after an early morning ride.


Now for that bike ride! One of my favorite rides is the iconic route challenge called the County Seat Run. You can find it, and other routes on Gravel City Adventure’s website. The 27-mile County Seat Run takes you up through north Lyon County and circles West about before coming back South through Americus and back to Emporia. There is plenty of scenery, some nice medium hills and an inviting shady City park to stop and take a break before the final leg back to Emporia.


Once back in town, I’m going to head to Vault Meats and Cheeses and grab some goodies for the weekend. I have to pick up some  creamy Havarti and Irish Whiskey Cheddar cheese as well as prosciutto and stuffed olives for my husband. I’ll also grab a baguette to go with Sunday’s spaghetti dinner. The options available in this store are unparalleled at any other store close to Emporia. They are also regular hosts of Emporia First Friday Art Walk artists.


I’ve headed home and stored my purchases from Vault, showered off the dirt from gravel grinding and I’m ready for lunch. There are so many great options for local “Emporia” dining both brick and mortar and food trucks. Today I’m going to hit up my go-to spot, BobbyD’s Merchant St BBQ. I love their burnt ends, pulled pork and BBQ Baker, but it’s Saturday and I’m going to get one of the Saturday specials of pulled chicken with two sides. I’ll likely choose cheesy potatoes and baked beans. Since I got in a 27-mile ride earlier, I might also indulge in the cheesecake of the day!

More Shopping

One of my absolute favorite stores in Emporia (and people) is Trox Gallery and Gifts (and Kaila Mock). Most of the merchandise is made by local artists and there is a gallery exhibit to check out as well. I probably did half of my Christmas shopping in this store. If you haven’t heard the story, Kaila named her store after the Emporia High School teacher Jerry Troxell who made a huge impression on her and her art. Online ordering is also available.

Social Hour

I’m ready to head down to Mulready’s Pub and meet up with friends to catch up and have a few cold craft beers. There’s always something new on the menu to try. I really like that you can try a sample of one of the 20+ beers on tap that you are interested in, but haven’t tried before. A few times I have discovered that a particular beer is not to my liking, but many times I find a new beer I really like! Mulready’s is also known for their 125+ offerings of whiskies, scotches and bourbons. Follow them on Facebook to catch a tasting event. When the weather is nice, my favorite thing to do at Mulready’s is set out on the back patio. The outdoors, a cold beer and good friends. Does it get any better?


It’s time to partake of some food before we head down the street for evening entertainment. Just a few doors down from Mulready’s is a great family-owned, local favorite Mexican restaurant called Casa Ramos. The offerings here are numerous and the servings plentiful. It’s hard to say what dish is my favorite. At lunch time I usually choose between Mexican tacos with carnitas, nachos con carne, or chicken taquitos. The most spectacular dish I have had here, or possibly anywhere, is the Camarones Monterrey. Shrimp wrapped in bacon, marinated with cilantro, sautéed with onions and green peppers and topped with Monterrey Jack cheese. It is served Fajita-style with pico de gallo, sour cream & guacamole. Absolutely! Amazing!


To top off my perfect day, I’m going to head over to Bourbon Cowboy for some live music. This gigantic 6,000 sq. ft. country bar has live music and entertainment offerings several times a month, pool tables, dance floor, and occasionally, karaoke and the Grab N Go Hot Dog guy. Be sure to follow them on Facebook to see what’s happening at BC Nation.

Emporia is a great place to live and visit. Check out Visit Emporia’s Web site to find options for your Perfect Day in Emporia!