5 Reasons To Become a Disc Golfer

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Disc golf is one the fastest growing sports in the nation and has a huge following here in Emporia. If you’ve never played, it’s time to give it a try! In Emporia, you’ll meet plenty of other disc golf enthusiasts and you can get the best gear at Dynamic Discs.

Here’s why you should get out there and give a disc golf a shot:

1. No Experience Needed

You don’t have to be an expert to go out and have a good time. If you have one or two friends and are capable of swinging a disc in any direction, you will have an enjoyable couple of hours in the fresh air.

2. Courses are everywhere

Disc golf courses are popping up in more and more areas. Emporia has six courses and counting, with several others in nearby communities. No matter where you are, you’re probably not far from a course.

3. Low-intensity exercise in the great outdoors

Most of the course terrains are just rugged enough to give you a good workout but not so rough as to be intimidating. The courses are often wooded and natural versus well-groomed and manicured. Mother Nature provides the obstacles. This adds to the enjoyment and diversity of the game.

4. Inexpensive to get started

Disc golf is a relatively inexpensive sport to pursue. A starter kit of discs will only set you back about $30 or so. If you like the sport and want to pursue it further you can add discs one at a time to your collection as you become more aware of the nuances of the various flight ratings to the discs. Speed, glide, turn, and fade are all terms you will learn as they will dictate what, if any, future discs you will add to your collection. Until then, you can still have a good time without knowing all the details. The only other expense you will incur is a decent pair of tennis shoes. Also, most disc golf courses are located in parks and are free and open to the public.

5. Easy for all ages to learn, including kids

Unlike traditional golf, where you are seeking to hit a small cup in the ground with an even smaller ball, disc golf has a target mounted on a pole with a basket that is easy to see long before you arrive anywhere near your goal.  Most courses are marked with the distance to the basket. All you need to do is throw the disc and try to make the basket in as few throws as possible.

Disc golf is a sport you can indulge in for the pure and simple joy of spending an afternoon outdoors. It does not require a strong commitment of time or money, just an interest in trying something new. If you get into it, you can even aim to compete in the Glass Blow Open Championship here in Emporia. Try it!

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