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Dirty Kanza 2018: Your Complete Guide

The world’s most epic gravel cycling race, the Dirty Kanza, is happening this weekend in Emporia! This year’s event is bigger than ever with over 2,700 riders from 49 states and 16 other countries participating. 1200 of this year’s cyclists will compete in the signature 200 mile race event, which is a solo, non-stop endurance…

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Can you say “Charcuterie”? — Vault Meats & Cheeses

There’s a new charcuterie in town and if opening day is any indication, love is in the air! Emporian’s embraced the new Vault Meats & Cheeses when the doors opened to the public on Wednesday, May 9, at 2:00 in the afternoon. Long lines of curious meat and cheese lovers formed to check out the…

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Impress your kids with a day out (for less than $1!)

We’re days away from the end of the school year! As your kids (and teachers) are counting down the days until summer, are you racking your brain for fun things to do that won’t break the bank? Good news: Emporia has a variety of free or nearly-free activities to keep the summer blues at bay!…

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